• Paige Champagne

    Paige Champagne has displayed impressive skill sets throughout her career, including advertising, customer service, training, relationship-building, and managing promotions. She has held responsibilities for presentations and directly handled and oversaw sales throughout multiple companies. Champagne brings over twenty years of experience running successful family-owned businesses before transitioning into the network marketing industry. Champagne's stint at Young Living, a Utah-based company specializing in essential oils and healthy living, and Quintessential Sciences, a company focused on innovative nutrition products, allowed her a front-row seat in top-ranked leadership positions within the industry. Her talent and dedication enabled her to become a highly respected leader in the network marketing industry, renowned for building a vast following with her skill sets.


    Champagne's strong leadership skills and experience have led her to become a top-earning influencer at Amare Global, where she continues rising. Her ability to adapt to different roles and excel in multiple areas has earned her widespread recognition in the network marketing community. Champagne's combination of skill sets and dedication to the network marketing industry has enabled her to establish herself as an authority within the field. Her success at Amare Global speaks volumes about her achievements in the network marketing industry and her positive impact on the lives of people she has encountered. With her vast knowledge and exceptional leadership skills, Champagne will continue making waves in the network marketing industry.


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